Bru – Direct to Home


India is a nation of tea drinkers but the coffee culture has grown exponentially in the higher echelons of the society. The SEC B & C households however continue to remain wary of the coffee culture. 

BRU is India’s largest coffee brand in terms of volume, with a portfolio of instant and roasted & ground (filter) coffee, Ice and Hot Cappuccino and out of home vending. BRU was the first coffee brand to go national with a variety of offerings suited for the varied and distinct taste palette of the Indian consumer.


We decided to change that one coffee at a time by breaking through the doors of perception and ignorance while inducing trials and seeding preference for Bru through a door to door sampling activity.

Target Group


  • SEC B and C people (men and women)
  • Age 25-45 years

The target group is the progressive audience on the move, who is looking for an introduction to a unique and superior coffee experience while enjoying their favourite cup of coffee.

The Challenge

Brewing the perfect coffee is an art not many can master, this posed as a huge hurdle that kept the brand from becoming a staple in the kitchens of SEC B & C households.

The Solution

Introducing the Target Group to the product and teaching them the art of making the perfect brew in a bid to ease the Target Group into the process of coffee making and subsequently seeding product preference.

How it Worked

The first step involved introducing the Target Group to the product. The promoters armed with a Tab began the activity with an exclusive product showcase followed by a step by step procedure of preparing the perfect brew. Thereby awakening the Target Group to the merits of coffee and inducing first purchase. 

A team of female promoters was deployed ensuring the comfort of home cooks that consisted primarily of women. The manpower intensive activity which comprised around 71 promoters involved monitoring and training the team of promoters to ensure the most smooth and efficient functioning of activities. The activity was spread across 5 cities namely Hyderabad, Nashik ,Nagpur ,Pune and Pimpru.


The entire campaign, targeted at SEC B & C consumers, was done completely through deploying the promoters. Overall, the integrated campaign was very successful with both SEC B and C consumers.

The most significant results of the campaign included astounding redemption levels of consumers. Furthermore, a good portion of consumers opted in to further engagement with the brand as a result of the campaign.


Alongside the quantitative success of this campaign, strong qualitative feedback revealed the excitement among the consumers who participated in the activity. The brewing experience feedback was also overwhelmingly positive, with the promoters involved providing a rich experience for consumers to participate in the campaign.