Budweiser – Vh1 Supersonic 2019


Budweiser, an iconic lager, known worldwide for its association with music, staying true to its youthful, energetic, and spontaneous personality. Being an alcoholic beverage, Budweiser has limited avenues of connecting with its consumers in India. Music festival is one such identified congregation that brings together both Beer & Music enthusiasts. The participants in these festivals are young, energetic, spontaneous and demand experiences that are at power with global trends. The challenge we faced was to cast our footprint while retaining our global identity and lifting the mood and spirit of the festival. 

Budweiser is associated with VH1 Supersonic’19, India’s largest music fest with an established musical universe, which perfectly defines Bud’s community and facilitates a showcase of perfect Bud Experience. As title sponsors of Supersonic, Bud’s challenge was to give life to fest while retaining its global identity.


Own VH1 Supersonic Music Festival by extending Budweiser’s global identity & experiences through branding elements and audience engagement.

The Solution

Budweiser as title sponsor wanted to leave an impression on attendees at Supersonic’19 by giving them a seize-the-moment experience. Bud’s presence at fest was conceptualized under 2 broadheads:

1. Brew District Visual Recognition: To extend our global identity, we used 2 iconic elements of Budweiser, Bowtie & Container. The containers took over the fest & acted as experience zones, bars & VIP lounge for participants of fest. The youthful bowtie took the form of drapes & shades casted playful shadows while providing shade and cover industrial seating chill zones of Brew District.

2. Budweiser Brew District Experiences: To spark this super energetic crowd, we introduced exciting activities at fest which complemented brand personality. The Brew District was divided into 7 zones offering a plethora of Bud experiences. Spontaneity through permanent tattooing booths, Vibrancy by helping them express themselves through hair art and Energy by offering them chilled beer that complements elevated moods & music at a chill zone to just soak in peppy fest vibe.

Execution / Amplification

In order to bring out the vibe, the music and the experience at Budweiser Supersonic, 2019, we created a 180×60 Budweiser Brew District which stood out at the whole festival. It highlighted Budweiser’s visual identity with red and white coloured bowtie draping when looked from the aerial view. Brew District was created keeping the global ‘container’ look and feel of Budweiser. 

Out of 7 containers, 4 were used as audience engagement zones, 2 as fully functioning beer bars (back and front) and 1 for sole branding. This was made for the carefree and spontaneous crowd to sit back and enjoy the most vivid and lit hanging out zone at the whole festival arena. 

The four engagement zones were designed by keeping the target audience in mind. Tattooing and instant hair styling which included colouring, beading, braiding, etc. was created for those unique attendees that had come down for the music mania from all over the world. Another zone had instant printed photos to be clicked and carried back home as a token of memory of the festival. A Budweiser merchandising stall was also created. This setup was accompanied by two fully functioning bars (back and front) with a proper industrial seating of beer barrel look and feel. We installed a fully lit 15 feet Budweiser beer bottle at the engagement zone which stole the show.

 As title sponsors of Supersonic, we went beyond the Brew District Zone and marked our presence through container themed bars and a VIP viewing lounge.  A vibrant red and white lighting scheme made the whole set up a visual delight.

It was picked up by several media platforms worldwide with people getting inked, getting pictures clicked, colouring their hair, etc.


The Budweiser Brew District saw over 35,000 beer and music enthusiasts have the time of their lives. It was picked up by several media platforms worldwide with people getting inked, getting pictures clicked, colouring their hair, etc and sold over 610 cases!

What the world saw at Vh1 Supersonic witnessed was a lively and energetic crowd. We created a Brew District which could act as an interesting hang out place for the fest attendees from all over the country. They could simply buzz around the engagement zone, have a chilled glass of beer, get inked, get a fancy hairdo done and welcome some energy in life.