Gulf – Power ka Punchnaama


Engine Oil is one of the lowest involvement categories for a SUV/MUV/crossover passenger car owner, they only expect a powerful – comfortable drive from their vehicle, for which they depend on their trusted ‘Ustaad’ for the best recommendation. This makes it essential to showcase the ‘power from inside’ proposition for SUV of Gulf Max-TD range in an entertaining and sticky manner for our stakeholder and influencer universe – Retailer and Mechanics. 

Gulf Oil re-launched their Max-TD range for high pulling power diesel engines of SUVs, MUVs & crossovers. The key challenge was to stand out by increasing awareness and sales in the cluttered engine oil category while also reaching out to our overexposed stakeholder-influencer universe who are continuously exposed to offerings from competition and auto allied brands.


To ensure brand recall and awareness thereby pushing sales through audience engagements and communicating product benefit stories to retailers and mechanics.

Target Group

3000 SUV/MUV/crossover passenger car mechanics

The Challenge

The challenge was to arrive at an operational model that minimizes costs, pilferage and maximizes reach while activating the scattered mechanic workshops and retail universe.

The problem at hand was the overly cluttered product category and over exposed audience (influencer & retailer), making it essential to take to them a solution that catches their eye, speaks a language that they understand while still instilling an element of awe for stickiness and brand recall.

The Solution

Gulf Max TD ‘Power Ka Panchnaama’ a pack and carry Workshop-to-Workshop model that optimizes ‘reach & cost’ while activating 3-4 retailer/mechanic outlets together and showcasing the RTBs for the brand.

An attractive & appealing mini event was set-up at our TG’s doorstep to witness and experience the ‘Power’ story offered by Gulf Max TD using a passenger van (Innvoa), two standees, a screen to present brand film and awe inducing infotainment engagements.

Execution and Amplification

A workshop to workshop module was created where the mechanics were engaged through interesting reinforcements to highlight the product benefit story of protection and better engine life offered by Gulf. The compact module halted at workshops inviting mechanics to take the ultimate test of power by challenging the power of an engine oil and showcasing their own power. This test of power appealed to the men who dwell in the power arena and attracted several participants who came to showcase their power. 

The Ultimate Gulf Max TD Power test, the POWER IN YOUR HANDS activity using a hammer kept on a board (magnetic field). The hammer was kept on the board while mechanics were invited to try and lift the hammer using power. Hammer resonating with power and lifting it showcasing immense strength. In the first phase of the activity, the mechanics could not lift the hammer. Only when they put on the Gulf glove were they able to lift the hammer thus portraying the POWER proposition of Gulf Max TD.

 The mechanics were left jaw dropped with these activities as they could not understand how the hammer could only be lifted on wearing the Gulf glove. The secret behind the activity was the smartly made unit using magnetic fields. When the glove was put on, the magnetic force was switched off thus the hammer could be lifted easily. The activity created a stir in the market and several mechanics and end consumers gathered to try their hand on lifting the hammer. 

The activity also consisted of a BEAT THE POWER contest where mechanics had to hit the hammer and their power would be mapped as a score. The mechanics had to compete with one another and try and get the highest score. 


The Beat the power activity along with Power in your hand activity went viral amongst the mechanics and several of them participated to win Gulf branded goodies. 

The activity was successful as Gulf Max TD product story was communicated to its TG and they vowed to recommend the engine oil to their customers and fellow mechanic folks. 

We took our Gulf TD Max ‘Power Ka Panchnaama’ to 6 cities across the country reaching out to 3000 mechanics.