Gulf Suraksha Champions


Nearly all commercial vehicle owners are far more involved with their vehicle care and maintenance in comparison to other vehicle categories. This is simply because their livelihood depends on their vehicle. The vehicle is in a way, family and home for them. It is of utmost importance to them that the vehicle keeps running smoothly and never breaks down when they are on official drives. 

A CV driver lays his trust in his mechanics and retailers making it extremely necessary to engage all the three stakeholders together, thereby establishing Transport Nagars an important touch points.


To increase overall awareness about Gulf’s product range and communicate the key product benefits and features to its stakeholders & influencers.

To ensure brand recall and awareness thereby pushing sales through audience engagements and communicating product benefit stories to retailers and mechanics.

Target Group

9200 people in 22 cities across the country.

The Challenge

To ensure brand recall and awareness through audience engagements and communicate product benefit story (protection and long drain interval) at transport nagars.

The Solution

We live in a country where people believe in the power of protection, and go to all extents & adopt practices to stay and keep protected. The same feeling is shared by the truckers for their vehicles. Building on this behavior, we arrived at Gulf Superfleet’s Suraksha Champions, as protection from the inside is the core product proposition for Gulf. 

We carried this platform to transport nagars, our stakeholder universe of truckers, retailers & influencers. We created an attractive & appealing zone- Suraksha Kshetra for our TG to witness and experience the ‘Protection’ story offered by Gulf Oil through awe inducing infotainment, experiential and entertainment activities. 

We chose a pack and carry carnival model that gave us the freedom of mobility to achieve scale and & flexibility to optimize space at transport nagars retaining the core essence of the activity. The model consisted of a branded float that acted as the main stage with 4 pop-up kiosks.

Execution and Amplification

To highlight the product benefit story of protection around our Suraksha Kshetra (Protection Zone), we came up with several engagement ideas which could interest our TG and increase the overall awareness about the product. To invite them to this Suraksha Kshetra we used Drones and Dhols.

We created a digital game, Engine Ka Rakshak wherein participants could click their picture and play as a player on an android tablet and also was projected on LED. All they had to do was protect the engine by shooting soot balls and destroying them, they could take this game home on their respective phone and enjoy playing later on also.

We enabled them to be in that magical universe where they could play cricket just by wearing a gear. The twist in our ‘Mai Bhi Dhoni’ cricket game was to hit the soot balls in order to lay emphasis on our product benefit story. 

Then we had Gulf ki Yaari, Protection Bhaari which focused on the bond of Gulf and protection of the engine. This was a product demonstration at our Suraksha Kshetra where they could draw comparisons between a Gulf oil powered engine and an ordinary oil powered engine. This was done in the form of a shooting game with a water gun. The water gun had muddy black water which they had to spray at both the engine cutouts. The ordinary cutout will get wet and will eventually tear up the engine. But the Gulf Oil cutout is treated with superhydrophobic chemicals and hence will bounce water and impurities like a pro. 

Next up was our Crown Zone where we displayed the Crown product range for attendees arranged in a crown shape thereby suggesting the name. To leave a lasting impression on our attendees, we gave them a photo opportunity, Selfie with Champions. Fans and attendees can click a picture which was put on a template of colourful truck art and cutouts of MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya. Each person could have their choice of truck art with a Gulf slogan on it. This picture was later given in Gulf branded photo jackets. The attendees were gratified with a protection kit which had important first aid assortments.


We took our Gulf Suraksha Champions, to 22 cities across the country. This was done to highlight the protection aspect of the new Gulf Superfleet oil at various transport nagars. We arrived with drones and dhols to attract the retailers, mechanics and drivers to our Suraksha Kshetra (protection zone) where we had several engagement canopy set up. 

We received about 9200 people to communicate the product USPs through interesting ideas that revolve on protection. We were able to tap into 55 markets across the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, etc.