Legrand – Diwali


The brightest Indian festival, Diwali is a time when houses in India are draped in bright, sparkling lights. It’s meant to be an exciting time for families to bond over gifts, lights, sweets but for a few Diwali means long hours spent at work. 

In the midst of Diwali festivities, there are many who don’t get to celebrate the festival of light in its true spirit. One such member of the community is our humble electrician; the festive fervor of Diwali is incomplete without lights and the indispensable part electricians play in making the festival come to light is undeniable. Diwali conjures up images of celebration and lights but, electricians, the creator of the atmosphere seldom has the time to pause and partake in the festivities he is surrounded by. His resilience forms the backbone of Legrand’s Progress story, in recognition of his undying spirit, Legrand decided to make Diwali an unforgettable experience for its star performers. 

The electrician toils relentlessly to make Diwali season a perfect celebration for countless households. He doesn’t fit into the stereotype of the man in the cape but always shows up at the right time when crisis strikes, leaving behind the festivities at home to give someone else a perfect Diwali. He is a hero who goes unnoticed and undetected. For electricians treats seldom go beyond the customary Diwali bakshish, almost never accompanied by gifts lavished on employees this season.

The result was a campaign “Come Home to Celebrations” that translated Legrand’s core belief of uninterrupted living and happiness into a special act of gratitude for the people who deserve it the most. The unsuspecting electricians after a long day at work came home to the Diwali of their dreams, finding their entire home bask in the light of festive cheer.


The objective of the campaign was to strengthen and cement relationships between Legrand and its key stakeholders, influencers – electricians. Legrand wanted to share its joy of success with its extended family by acknowledging their significant contribution to the brand’s success.

The Solution

The busiest time of the year for electricians – Diwali became the perfect platform to orchestrate this special act of gratitude for the top performing electricians in an effort to generate goodwill and instill a sense of belonging with the Legrand family. Thereby mobilizing them to Legrand’s vision of excellence and planting the seeds of aspiration amongst other electricians to go above and beyond mediocrity, committing  to the pursuit of greatness with Legrand.

In a bid to share the brand’s success with its marquee electricians and acknowledge this star partnership, “Come home to Celebrations” honored these heroes by shining a spotlight on these invisible members of the society.

The campaign orchestrated a warm homecoming for electricians, ushering in a new dimension of festive season where Diwali is brighter for everyone and not just a chosen few. Legrand paid homage to them by sweetening the festivities by bringing the much-needed festive cheer to their lives, a perfect Diwali experience filled with lasting memories.


The success of “Come of Home to Celebrations” hinged heavily on the element of surprise which brought its special set of challenges and called for a careful and meticulous planning of operations. The first task at hand was to identify the top 150 performers who had displayed ingenuity and excellence on the field. 

The team reached out to the families of shortlisted electricians in order to maintain the element of surprise. Orchestrating the perfect surprise for our star performers involved enlisting the help of family members in an effort to discern the perfect time to execute the surprise ensuring the electricians were away at work. Recognizing the hesitance a woman feels admitting strangers into her home while  the male member of the family (electrician) is away, a female representative accompanied the Legrand team to ensure a smooth operation and comfort of the female members of the family. 

The electricians came home to find warm twinkling lights illuminating the house in hues of gold , a riot of colourful rangolis, shining bright lanterns, the entrance adorned with beautiful torans, bringing immense joy and festive cheer to the entire family. 

The campaign perfectly captured the enduring relationship between Legrand and it’s key stakeholders, showcasing the deep sense of responsibility Legrand feels towards its ecosystem. 

“Come home to Celebrations” managed to generate goodwill for the brand and instilled aspiration within the community of electricians, inspiring them to explore the endless possibilities through the brand’s vision of progress.


The campaign allowed Legrand to deepen its relationship with an unspoken affirmation, establishing stronger ties between the brand and the electricians . The activity was spread across 15 cities and brought cheer, celebrations to 150 households throughout the nation, brightening up their festive mood and garnering a lot of good will for Legrand.