Celebrating 50 years (Golden Jubilee) of Rupa


Rupa is today the unquestioned No.1 knitwear brand in India, covering the entire range of knitted garments from innerwear to casual wear. These products have been catering to the rising demand of the Indian knitwear and fashionwear industry for decades.

Having completed 50 glorious years, the company wished to extend their gratitude to their biggest support systems- the growing network of business partners and ever-growing network of dealers in the form of a grand celebratory event where they get to meet and greet Bollywood’s Power Packet and Rupa’s brand endorser- Ranveer Singh.

Scope of work

The scope of work for 121 Xp ranged from artist coordination and management, event planning and management, stage setup and designing and crowd management.

The Event

Rupa brought in its 50th year with its extensive chain of sales partners at a magnificent celebratory event hosted in Mumbai along with the mega star of Bollywood and the brand endorser for Rupa Frontline – Ranveer Singh. The grandeur of the event was seen by the sheer size and spirit of the crowd. Over 800 partners from all over the country graced the grand event hosted at Sahara Star, Mumbai on January 10th, 2019. 

Having worked with such clients on various events, 121XP was chosen to successfully deliver this mega event in the company’s calendar.


The entertainment factor in corporate events is a trend that has evolved and developed in recent years – we know just how well it works and how enthusiastically people respond to a more fun-filled relaxed atmosphere where they can explore and discover rich experiences. Held at a grand venue like Sahara Star, Mumbai, the event offering different types of entertainment and with a range of food stations available, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Working alongside the venue’s own team we ensured the mega event was delivered with high production values and ran smoothly. The grand event was designed around the theme of the company and we worked with a rich colour palette for a seamless experience of the delegates. Guests enjoyed the ambiance, entertainment, and refreshment, which we had enhanced with lighting for a relaxed atmosphere. 

Artists such as Maniesh Paul, who tickled the audience with laughter, graced the event along with singer/ performer Harish Moyal, who made the audience dance the night away. 

Ranveer Singh, the superstar and Rupa’s brand ambassador was at his energetic best, as he mingled with his fans, played fun games and even broke into multiple small jigs for them. The true test of event management was when the superstar took the audience by surprise and decided to click 800 individual Selfies with each and every guest at the event. He also elevated the energies in the room with his enthralling performances & spontaneity. From performing his chartbusters to enacting Bollywood superstars, Ranveer spread his contagious energy amongst the crowd.  Ranveer shared his mantra for success with the RUPA team – Hard Work, Hard Work and more Hard Work. Ranveer, together with the Rupa family swore an oath where they promised to collectively work towards keeping Rupa consistent with its No. 1 knitwear brand title in India. 

The event ended with the dealers being ecstatic about their association with the brand and took back memories and a new spur of energy while departing. It was a fun-filled evening and the whole RUPA family renewed their vows to work as “ONE TEAM ONE DREAM”.


This grand event brought together the energy and spirit of the entire family of Rupa and its 800+ business partners from all over the country. Focusing on business growth, the event explored company performance and successes. It was also an opportunity to collectively commemorate accomplishment and have fun.